what NaBloPoMo had taught me so far- NaBloPoMo day 22


I never expected to learn something from NaBloPoMo. I decided to partake in the challenge simply because I enjoyed the Memoir challenge I did last month. I struggle so often with finding something to say, I thought this would be good for stretching myself.

Ever meet someone who talked all the time? I mean talked so much they never stopped? Talked to the point your ears hurt and you stop paying attention to anything they say?

On the other end, ever meet someone who never talks? To the point you wonder if they are being snobbish? (Note-this is me) I promise I am not being snobbish. It’s just that i’m sure I have nothing worthwhile to say)

These are 2 very opposite ends of the spectrum.  What i’ve learned however is something I never expected. I’ve lived my life being jealous of people who talk easily. People who don’t endlessly rehearse in their heads what they will say. People for whom speaking comes easily.

However in having to find something to write, to talk about every day here. I find myself finding and saying stuff to simply fill the space.  I wonder if people who talk all the time do so because they enjoy it, or do so with a need to fill the empty space. I wonder if they are uncomfortable or scared of silence?

There is a difference I’ve come to realize, in speaking because you have something to share, and speaking to simply speak. Speaking to simply fill space.  Perhaps I needn’t be jealous after all.


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