quiet mom time- NaBloPoMo day 23


Anyone who knows me in 3d, knows that I am a firm believer in personal time. I always take personal time as much as I can. With a job, a son, a husband, I need time to just be me. Time where I don’t have expectations placed on me. Time when people don’t need anything from me. Often I just go to the library or a bookstore and read, browse, journal.

Lately I have been awaking early. I have this cat, who always wakes me early. He sits in the hall and meows. Now this wakes my son and scares him. Then he won’t go back to sleep and is grumpy later. So I started to get up early. The cat wants his treats and to be pet. I have all my life been a night owl. I have always stayed up late and slept in.

Imagine how surprised I am to enjoy this quiet morning time. The world is dark, quiet. I am not thinking how tired I will be when Troy gets up early as I do when I stay up late. I get to watch news which is unusual for me. I spend most of my tv time watching cartoons.  I catch up with my Dragonvale game on hubby’s ipad. I check my email. I blog and keep up with blogging friends. Sometimes I even journal or read.

Do you take quiet time for yourself?


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  1. I have daily quiet time. It’s important for me to have it or I lose too much of my footing. I need to stay rooted and focused in what needs to be done. I can’t do that if everything I have is given to my illness, friends or even art. I need time to simply relax. I can read, watch nature videos like the Monarch butterflies journey. I watch British TV shows such as Downton Abbey and The Paradise on the PBS channel called Masterpiece. I’ll finish up the series The Paradise this evening.
    My cat and I have a chair date each evening. 🙂 These times give me peace. They recharge me. During these times I don’t think of what needs to be done, I just enjoy the moment. I believe having time for oneself daily is crucial to inner security. The time doesn’t need to be hours but there does need to be time to retreat and refresh so as to be strong for tomorrow.

    love your blog


  2. I’ve taken to meditating as part of my day. It really has made a big difference to me, but still I need that time to just sit and do nothing.

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