triggers-NaBloPoMo day 26


While many of our triggers have gone away, we do still have some.

We used to avoid them all. We avoided many things, and many situations to stay away from triggers and the fear/panic they brought.

Now though we are much better equipped to deal with triggers. We still have them. I think some things will always trigger us. Least now they mostly don’t fill us with a need to run, or a need to hide.

Some things we are still triggered by-

Angry men, christmas trees, icicles you put on christmas trees, small bathrooms, ants/any bug that crawls on me, very bad lightening storms with wind, the movie Alice in Wonderland, sweet tea

The only things we still avoid like the plague are sweet tea, Alice in Wonderland and Ants/bugs crawling on me.  The worst is ants.  While we no long immediately strip and scream when we find a bug on us, our reaction is still way over the top. Now though we can remove ourselves to a private space before we strip. Progress right?

I used to think healing meant getting rid of all triggers. Now though I see that it just means learning to better cope with and handle said triggers.


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  1. Yes, going to a private location to strip should be considered great progress. However, if you find yourself in your skivvies in a public say to the closest woman to you in a quiet yet serious voice, There was a bug. You’ve got it say it in a voice that makes it sound as if your reaction is justified. You have to say it with conviction, like you believe what you’ve done is reasonable. For the love of Pete, what else were you to do but strip? Tone of voice is everything in this matter. Say as little as possible. Gather your clothing and take your leave.

    I’ve just discovered Alice in Wonderland and find the story quite odd. Nothing is real, everything changes size, everything is a game, everything is backward. I relate it to my home life in so many ways. There are holes to fall in with more weirdness and more changes in size. There is a child alone, lost with no help just puzzles and riddles. She can trust nothing, that’s what I get from the story, trust nothing. I will admit this, weird though it is, I like the story but not the movies or any visual production. I can read it or listen to it on MP3 but I am unable to tolerate the visual. For me, what stands out the most is that you can trust nothing and everyone has a game to play with no real sense to it. They are all clowns and I for one hate clowns. I believe it should be legal to gather them into camps, shave their red clown hair and keep their bouncing, squirting flower, buzzing hand shake selves away from the rest of sane society, including those who strip in public because of an ant.


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