Peppermint patties


I just finished my peppermint patties. Let me rephrase, I just finished cleaning the kitchen after dipping the peppermint patties.  What a mess. I never claimed to be neat in the kitchen. Quite the opposite. I’m told that is exactly like my Nana Stout.

It’s become somewhat of a christmas tradition. How many years does it take before it becomes tradition? I decided a few years ago to make treats to send for gifts. Money was low and I wanted something different. I made peppermint patties Oreo truffles, and fudge I think. Everyone loved it. Especially the peppermint patties.

I made them for two reasons. My Nana and Pap always had peppermint patties. Nana would freeze them so Pap didn’t eat them so fast. That made them sort of a way to honor them, or include them at christmas. Also they were quite expensive in the store.

Although they were good that year they looked terrible. I couldn’t get them to dip. I ended up having to drizzle the chocolate on them with a spoon, then my chocolate got white streaks. *sigh*

This year went better though. My chocolate isn’t streaked with white, and I was able to dip them. Still not pretty though. That’s okay. I’d much rather something look not as great but taste wonderful. It is such a disapointment when something looks pretty but tastes awful.

Nana always told me taste mattered way more, that and the intention and love behind the food. I couldn’t agree more.

I think i’m going to try a simple small shape next batch. Small christmas tree or star maybe? Something that fits better on the fork to dip than a circle does. Still need to roll my dough thicker.



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  1. This is the part of Christmas I like- when the gifts offered come from heart and skill of the person making them. One of the best Christmas gifts I ever received was a scarf my sister-in-law- knitted for me…hell, it could double as a shawl. I still have it and wear it every Winter.

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