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  1. lovin’ that one step quote!
    I like your owls, too.
    Your scrapbook art therapy journal pages ????? are really neat. I look at the close up shots of them and am amazed at your arrangement and of how you used stamps. I’ve seen Bloom where you are planted stamps for a dollar and passed them up. Look here you’ve used them and it looks great. I’ve seen today is the day but thought I’d never have use for it. I look at this and you’ve used it well. I’m like…..what??…. man, I can’t believe I left those stamps. I guess my artistic mind didn’t pick it up. Dang me! This is like the third or fourth time I’ve seen your Art Journals and said, I never thought of that. I’ll keep watching, listening and encouraging you to do more……and not just so I can get art tips off ya but because I know for a certain that art as therapy is a good tool for anxiety relief, processing information and asserting yourself.


    • One of my favorite places to get stamps and even the little round things of stamp ink is in the dollar bins at Michaels or Joann’s. I also get a lot from the clearance section of Hobby Lobby and Meijers when they do clearance on art things. Wal-mart has a nice selection of dollar items as well.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence. I didn’t do any art journaling for several years. They used to all be quite dark, healing related. Then I stopped needing them to be about that. All the pages I see online use handmade fancy backgrounds, which I just don’t have time to do. Deciding to use scrapbook pages (which I buy by the book when on clearance) really was my best idea in years. It freed me up to concentrate on the page, not the background.

  2. I was at Wally World today for absolute necessities. I looked in the dollar bin but didn’t get anything. We have a Hobby Lobby, Michael’s as well as a Joann Fabric store. I don’t get to Joann’s at all but I’m able to get to the other three frequently, twice a month. I guess I”ll look at the word stamps a bit differently from now on.

    I think its a great idea to purchase backgrounds. There are many ways for people to create art who have limited time or feel they have limited art skills. I like that there are stencils and stamps and all sorts of cut outs and neat things. This lets people be creative no matter time restraints or skill level. You know all that paper at Hobby Lobby that they sell individual pieces of? Girlllll, I have to stay away from that isle. Oh. However, I’ll be going to Hobby Lobby very soon and I need to go to that isle because I need a piece of paper with yellow daisies on it. A nice, pretty simple paper with yellow daisies. It’s for a small sign for a friend of mine. You might ask yourself, why don’t you paint yellow daisies yourself? ‘Cause I don’t know how. LOL The lady likes yellow daisies, not white. I’m on the hunt for about 4 x 4 inches of paper with yellow daisies and a blue sky. It’s been a good long time trying to find it. Hopefully I’ll get it this time when I go to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.

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