E-reader cover


I have a nook. I love my nook. What I don’t love are the prices of the cases. Unlike my nexus, I don’t need a fancy cover that protects it from dropping, as I never drop my nook.  I bought a pattern a few years ago. First time I made it I followed the instructions as written. It was okay but I was never quite happy with it.

This time I did what I do with everything else, I changed it to suit me.  I left out the pockets. I used only 1 fabric. I also used sew on velcro for the closure and added the button for decoration. I am quite pleased with it this time.  Best of all I used a dark fabric that won’t show the dirt as much.

nook cover insideNook cover

Last night I made a pillowcase out of some powerpuff girl fabric I found a long time ago on clearance. That means I have finished the sewing goal for 37 things.


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  1. That fabric is awesome!
    I like the cover.
    I purchased a little hard cover thing for my iPod Generation 4. It was a generic something I picked up for $5. It doesn’t quite fit but it does the job I want it to do. Its hard cover, dark blue. I’m happy with it.

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