I’m working my way through How to Train a Wild Elephant & other adventures in mindfulness. The book is set up as an exercise in mindfulness for each week. I am learning a lot so far.

This past week was gratitude. I did a list each day. I love how this forced me to think about what happened good each day as opposed to what went wrong. I plan to continue this practice.
Here is my gratitude list for the week-
-a fixed car
-knowledge that time does pass and work/bad feelings, etc. will end
-Nathan did grocery shopping for me
-Olympics are over-art here I come
-I was scared to take the car for alignment but did it anyways.
-tea choices. Tea soothes my soul
-avocado pudding
-getting through a crappy day at work
-my art area
-me time
-time away
-coming home again
-a great book- Gone Missing by Linda Castillo
-avocado pudding
-knowledge that the panic will end
-purple pens
-laughs from troy
-making up silly songs with Troy
-Oil bar Shea butter cream
-nice mall trip with Nathan and Troy
-Speaking up when Nathan got loud with Troy
-3rd page of my huge cross stitch project finished
-No panic attack
-sleeping in ’til 730
-work wasn’t crazy
-Nathan got up with Troy (stomach flu) overnight
-we didn’t get much snow
-new tires made driving in what we did get much safer and easier
What a list right? Really shows that there is lots to be thankful for. Little things add up.
In other news I am currently reading a few books in addition to my mindfulness book. Among them is a Jim Henson bio and  A titan’s curse (percy Jackson 3),
Art wise I am doing well. I’m working on several art journal pages. I recently got an art journal book from the library. It has prompted me to try some new, different things. I dug through what I have and found a small journal to use for this. I like the size as it is a smaller page to do so I don’t feel overwhelmed by the size.

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