2 art journal pages- Tea and Anniversary


These are both art journal entries I have had in the works for awhile now. Both were awaiting photos to be put in.  I found a good program (photosheet). It allows me to print 4 2×2 photos in one 6×4 photo. Since I do art journaling, it is a great money saver. I don’t need most photos I use to be full size. 


This first one is a quick one I did about tea.  I used to be solely a coffee drinker. In fact I had a phobia of tea. My abuser always had some with him. Needless to say just the smell made me sick and caused flashbacks.  I will probably never like or drink sweet tea but that’s okay.

I’m not sure what changed. Somewhere I lost my fear of tea. In fact now I enjoy it. I start drinking it when I got my kuerig.  It was also nice in the summer to have caffeine without coffee. I got tired of iced coffee.  

I even have a dedicated tea mug. I got it at the disney outlet store for 3$. It’s a tinkerbell mug. I adore it and tinkerbell.









This one I started way back in October. It’s really more of a smashbook page than it is an art journal page. Whatever it is though. I enjoyed making this quick page about celebrating my 14th anniversary.






I recently got this library book- Art journal workshop.  I am enjoying it. The author does her own backgrounds, which of course you readers know I don’t do. So i’ve decided to try to do this on a small scale. I dug through my journals and came up with a small one. I think it is a perfect size. Here is my first page



It isn’t fancy but that’s okay. I did all but the center images myself, No stickers. 






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  1. Size matters. I sometimes NEED a smaller book to work in because the larger ones feel overwhelming. But then I sometimes need a larger book because the small one feels restrictive. Thank goodness Hobby Lobby has several different sizes ranging from tiny, small, medium, medium large to WOW-that’s huge. LOL

    On the subject of tea: is that your tea cup? Do you have a favorite one? I tend to use one often but I’ve got tons. It seems now when I’m down I want to go to the thrift store and buy a tea cup. LOL They’re so cheap here. It’s as if no one knows what an antique tea cup looks like so they slap 49 cents on it. Good for me though……

    Tea does sooth the soul, it really does………so does a good bottle, I mean glass of red wine. LOL


  2. What you said really hit a mark. It is that the larger book sometimes feels overwhelming. Impossible to fill and get it right, but then yes sometimes the small book is restrictive.

    Yes that is my tea cup. It’s a tinkerbell tea cup. My favorite tea cup I don’t use much. It was my nana’s. Her dinner set. It’s all white and plain but meaningful. Then she has a tiny chinese tea cup set that I have displayed.

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