Art journal- Healing related


Although I haven’t posted any art journal entries in awhile, I am still doing them.  This first group are healing related ones.

This first entry is a larger one, done on a piece of scrapbook paper. It depicts the fear that although our abuser is dead, he will somehow come back.  This is something that he said would happen.



This entry is done in our small art journal. The background is acrylic paint.  This is a collection of various items in different abuse related memories we have.



This piece was also done in our small art journal. I have no idea what it means. It just came out.



This was also a smaller piece. I titled this one the first, though it’s meaning escapes me.







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  1. There’s a lot of orange in the art journal pieces. What does orange symbolize for you?

    The first one with the shark makes me shiver. I think I see my dead uncle all the time but its not possible. I think I see my ex husband who is alive but that’s unlikely. I only need to look in the mirror to see my mother but she frightens me less and less as the years go by.

    What I ‘hear’ in the shark image is that their words were sometimes more powerful than their actions. I remember stuff my mother said to me that caused a helpless reaction in me. I can hardly write the sentence. I’m just saying, sticks and stones heal faster than words.

  2. Good question about Orange. I have no idea. Chaos maybe? Oh yes words were perhaps more powerful than actions. Words just stick with you and cut right to your soul.

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