My Personal art journal style


Although I’ve been journaling most of my life, I’ve only been using an art journal for approximately a year.  As i’m not good at drawing or painting or anything of the sort, it took me a few years to work up the courage to art journal at all. After many, many videos on youtube that left me both inspired and disheartened, I decided I would stop watching the videos and just do what felt right to me.

For the most part I art journal in what I call a collage style. This is where my comfort lies as years ago I did many collages as a way to work through child abuse I suffered as a child. I think maybe in a way they were a type of art journal, though not bound. Just loose pages.

It was wanting to find some new ideas that had me reluctantly browsing Youtube once more this week.  No matter how I try I will never be able to draw. It’s my hands. They shake all the time. This leaves me simply unable to finely control a pencil enough to draw straight lines, or much of any line with precision. I’ve accepted it. It is what it is.

But this time I found something inspiring. It came from Kristal Norton. In one video she says to make art journaling my own. To NOT try to copy what others do.  I NEEDED to hear that. I needed someone to tell me it’s okay to make it my own. To see what others do yes, but then to try it my own way.

What a great message, that I think all art journalers need to hear sometimes. It’s okay if your pages never resemble those you see online. More than okay it’s good. It’s okay if you can’t draw or if you don’t have the money for all the supplies other people have. Use what you have, do what frees you.

That is what art journaling is about- the process, not copying others, or trying to be like others. Be yourself.


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  1. Love this post, it’s so true! I have to remind myself of this a lot. I love seeing how other people approach journaling and seeing aspects of the creator reflected in the pages. Plus, it would be really boring if everyone’s art journals looked the same! Keep going 🙂

  2. Yup. If I tried to make art like others I’d never create anything. I like to look at other art for ideas but not to copy. It took a very long time for me to even feel comfortable showing my art because I worried people would be negative about it or tell me I should do it this or that way.

    I look at my art and see it change over time. There’s a difference in what type of art I was doing say 5 years ago. Individuals evolve emotionally from day to day, our art will too.


    • I guess I thought I was supposed to copy what others did. I’m not sure really. I’m curious how my art will change years from now. Just means I have to keep at it so I can look back and see.

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