Take a load off, Family Matters, About a writing journal


I have more art journaling to share. First up is a page I did about the writing journal I got last year for my birthday. It is a leather cover journal with dragonflies on it. The color I chose is a green, not the blue shown. I got it at a company called Oberon Designs. I love it. It takes refills, which is great. I couldn’t be happier.

This next one I did spur of the moment very fast. I believe I was trying to use up some already cut out images I had that didn’t make the cut for other spreads.  I like this one though. When I look at it I feel calmer. I did my journaling right on the page here. 

Ahh my family. These are all old pictures but that’s okay right? Another page of using up things I have. I’m not sure I like the red tape around all the images. It takes away from the pictures I think, it’s too bright. Next time to pull the images together I’ll try stamping around the edges. 


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