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37 things in 37 years final


the internet on my laptop stopped working a few months back. If you have ever tried to update a blog from a phone you can guess why I have been silent.

A number of years back. I got the idea from someone in my journal writing group to make a yearly list of goals to accomplish. This list is made up of a combination of easy to achieve and hard to achieve goals.

This list I do from birthday ( October 14) to birthday.  Here is last years, which I wrapped up this past October.

Puddle walk with Troy 4 times

40 art journal entires

Read 5 books from o magazine

Finish art journal cover

read 3 books about buddhism

Loss 10 pounds

Start and finish an entire journal refill

buy an outfit I really love

Sew 2 somethings-Pillowcase 1/22, Nook cover 1/23

Renew Zoo pass

Save each paycheck

Drive somewhere I’ve never been at least 10 miles from home

Buy and work through How to Train a Wild Elephant: And Other Adventures in Mindfulness

do a whole 30

Cook 10 new recipes-lasagna stove top toss, Italian fish, Neely fried turkey, crunch top Apple pie, spinach artichoke pasta, pepperoni pizza roll, Asian beef with broccoli slaw, tuna salad paleo, chocolate chili, simple salmon

Meditate 150 times

Do the finishing on 3 cross stitch pieces- crabby February 1/24, crabby March 3/4

Go to the Dentist-12/5/13

Finish a BAP-Big Ass Project Cross stitch- Japanese garden

Paint the upstairs

Hang Nana/pap’s clock and Great Nana’s Paintings – hung 1 painting 1/1

Hire a neice and go on 2 date nights-10/3, 3/29

Buy a bike

Go on 5 bike rides with Troy

Finish Gatlinburg vacation smashbook

Go to Columbus zoo

Take Troy to a movie

4 pages of a Smashbook for Troy

Visit the Zoo in winter

Finish 2 cross stitch Christmas ornaments-Stitch and make up– snowy pines

Finish 1 Halloween Cross stitch piece-Stitch and make up-

Read 50 books- 44/50

Paint kitchen cabinets

Take Troy to 2 different museums

Visit 1 family member not in this area

Participate in Alzheimer’s walk

i finished 21/37. I’m pleased with that. I worked hard on this even though I only finished slightly more than half. I’ve decided this year to not do this challenge. Instead I will do a few other challenges.  WIPocalypse 2015 (cross stitch), new year, new start (cross stitch), a few yet to be decided reading challenges, as well as complete 26 weeks of art journal pages (I will be using prompts from journal52. I would also like to do nanoblomo.