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Silhouette-journal 52-week 4


It took me almost the entire week but I finally finished my journal 52 entry for this prompt, silhouette.

I'm pleased with how this one turned out. I actually started two background pages at once, with the other one in mind. When I got them both done last night, this one looked better.

One silhouette came from a link, with free images, the other is one of my willow tree Angels that I printed and colored black.

The background is acrylic paint and stamps. I'm proud of myself with the writing. Writing on the page is hard for me as I think my handwriting is terrible.




Creative week


I've had a very creative week. I played with backgrounds every day this week. I completed a page a day Monday- Thursday.


Some of the pages I like, some I don't. That's normal though for sure.

I watched some you tube art journal videos. Very inspiring for me.

Practice makes us better right?

I worked on my lettering this week. I'll be continuing to practice. I like to do my own letters. Much cheaper than sticker letters, plus more control over the color and style.

I really like the background on this one. I love how there is white showing through. I did a good job with various layers, and patterns, though my block lettering wasn't straight.



This one I tried dots in the block letters, I hate it. Though the background does not have that brown all through it, the color is too bright. It overshadows everything, though I do like the swirls.
This one, I played with watered down paint, and magazine paper ripped up that I glued down.mi like this one. I like this entire page. The background is there without being overwhelming. The rest of the page doesn't stand out too much, but there is a message I get across well. The Stars do a good job of blending it all together.
With this the background was watered down paint, covered with stamps. I added a magazine cut out on one side, washi tape across the top. This one does a fair job of blending together with the stamps on top of it all. I still feel this one is missing something. I really wanted to use a pink pen for the top lettering, but I need ones that write better on backgrounds. Maybe this one just didn't have enough layers on the background.



Journal52-conversation starter


If you read all about week 2, then you know I was unhappy with my page.

I ended up on an art journal blog, Where the author said she ended up using and liking just plain white unbound paper. That sparked something in me, as I really do prefer unbound paper. It is the style of my other larger art journal, where I use scrapbook paper as the beginning of a background.


I went to michaels where I got some plain white watercolor paper. It really helped with creating my page. So did not rushing through in a day and allowing the page to take shape slowly.

I am much happier with this page. Week 3, conversation starter, journal 52.


This is on plain white watercolor paper. Acrylics, O magazine cutout, stamps, and marker.


Cozy mystery challenge-book 1


I finally finished my first book for this challenge, A Red Herring Without Mustard, (Flavia deLuce 3) by Alan Bradley. really enjoy this series, though this book is my least favorite so far.

I review all my books at goodreads, you can find it here, should you wish to find it on my goodreads, or any other book I’ve read. You can also find it below.

I loved the first book in the series, along with the second. This one however, I just never got into. As soon as I ‘met’ the characters, I figured it out. It didn’t interest me the process Flavia used to figure it out because it was so obvious.

The plot with blame the Gypsy, I just found flat and obvious. Of course everyone would blame the gypsy.

Still I gave this 3 stars. I really like the character, Flavia, and her ever present bike.



Journal 52- Just Be- week 2


I had all sorts of ideas for this weeks journal52 prompt when it first came out. Unfortunately when I got upstairs yesterday to finally do my page,mu struggled with ideas. Nothing was working for me. I ended up with 2 pages. The right page I did first, the left I did later last night. Neither one really pleases me though I'm not sure why.



Last night I did some YouTube watching, then I looked at some art journal blogs. I was inspired by something I saw and finally started a page I am happy with.

It may be my current art journal that I'm unhappy with. It's the brown pages that I dislike. It is so hard to get colors to show up properly. I can't gesso it because the book doesn't take the gesso properly.

I solved hopefully solved the problem with a 50% off Michael's coupon and a watercolor paper pad.

My plan is to use the watercolor paper in one of the Bo bunny binders I found on clearance last week. For whatever reason I prefer art journaling on loose pages.

A few days ago I did a quick page.


See how the brown shows through? The only way around that is a layer of paint on the background. I however don't like that I HAVE to put a layer of paint all over as my first layer. So… I will keep this journal, it still has open pages, but I'm moving on.


Passion- a journal entry


“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some PASSION, some compassion, some humor & some style” -Maya Angelou

This really speaks to me. Passion I think is what I’m missing. Somehow, for some reason I’ve stopped doing the things I’m passionate about. Stopped making them part of my life.

I set them aside for the ‘necessary’ in life. Money & day to day things. Yet is that truly a reason? No, I think it’s an excuse. It’s easier to work & then spend free time on Facebook or watching tv. It’s mindless those activities. Oh there is a place for quieting the brain for sure, in meditation.

It ire doesn’t help that my job is mindless. It requires moving fast, yes, but working the deli is mindless work. Doesn’t require much thought at all. I’ve gotten lazy. Decided unconsciously that I don’t want to think even when I’m not working.

I read in O magazine that passion isn’t always life changing. That it doesn’t have to be profound. It only has to mean something to the individual.

Passion is about those things that touch our soul, light our spirit afire. Things we want to share with those around us. Things we could talk about to anyone.

It can be intimidating to find those things that ignite passion. In the end I think we each have to quiet our minds & pay attention. What we are passionate about touches us & lights something in us. It is, I think, something that both ignites the spirit yet calms the soul.

What then am I passionate about?

Saving sharks, cross-stitch, children of divorce, child abuse prevention, the potential of using art journaling to heal from abuse, that pit bulls aren’t always dangerous animals.

Those are all things that light my spirit & soul. Things I want to share with others.

So then my problem isn’t finding my passions, but fitting them into my life. Making them an integral, everyday part of my life. I truly believe that doing so will make the rest of life, the mundane and necessary, easier, more worth it.

What are you passionate about? Are your passions part of your life, or like me have you cast them aside for easier things?


Pathways-week 1


I decided to participate in an art challenge this year. When I went looking for them I came across journal52.(links not working right now- go to I hope a weekly prompt will give me somewhere to start, helping me create more. Time will tell.

This weeks prompt is Pathways. I may return to this prompt later. This is the page I created.


I made this for my bigger art journal. I started with scrap booking paper that I covered with several layers of paint. I added an image from O magazine, a few stamps, some ribbon and my the quote.