Pathways-week 1


I decided to participate in an art challenge this year. When I went looking for them I came across journal52.(links not working right now- go to I hope a weekly prompt will give me somewhere to start, helping me create more. Time will tell.

This weeks prompt is Pathways. I may return to this prompt later. This is the page I created.


I made this for my bigger art journal. I started with scrap booking paper that I covered with several layers of paint. I added an image from O magazine, a few stamps, some ribbon and my the quote.



4 responses »

  1. I always enjoy your art.
    I want a bird stamp…….. I’m going to the craft store soon for a canvas. I have an art therapy assignment for the first time in a long time. I’m going to pick up a bird stamp while I’m there.

  2. I love bird stamps. I have no idea why really however I have at least 3. I’m always happy when a bird stamp fits into an art journal piece. I see so many art journal pages that seem full of random things. I always think they look nice. However when I do a piece all the items on the page have to go togetherness/fit in some way in my head.

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