Cozy mystery challenge-book 1


I finally finished my first book for this challenge, A Red Herring Without Mustard, (Flavia deLuce 3) by Alan Bradley. really enjoy this series, though this book is my least favorite so far.

I review all my books at goodreads, you can find it here, should you wish to find it on my goodreads, or any other book I’ve read. You can also find it below.

I loved the first book in the series, along with the second. This one however, I just never got into. As soon as I ‘met’ the characters, I figured it out. It didn’t interest me the process Flavia used to figure it out because it was so obvious.

The plot with blame the Gypsy, I just found flat and obvious. Of course everyone would blame the gypsy.

Still I gave this 3 stars. I really like the character, Flavia, and her ever present bike.



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