Creative week


I've had a very creative week. I played with backgrounds every day this week. I completed a page a day Monday- Thursday.


Some of the pages I like, some I don't. That's normal though for sure.

I watched some you tube art journal videos. Very inspiring for me.

Practice makes us better right?

I worked on my lettering this week. I'll be continuing to practice. I like to do my own letters. Much cheaper than sticker letters, plus more control over the color and style.

I really like the background on this one. I love how there is white showing through. I did a good job with various layers, and patterns, though my block lettering wasn't straight.



This one I tried dots in the block letters, I hate it. Though the background does not have that brown all through it, the color is too bright. It overshadows everything, though I do like the swirls.
This one, I played with watered down paint, and magazine paper ripped up that I glued down.mi like this one. I like this entire page. The background is there without being overwhelming. The rest of the page doesn't stand out too much, but there is a message I get across well. The Stars do a good job of blending it all together.
With this the background was watered down paint, covered with stamps. I added a magazine cut out on one side, washi tape across the top. This one does a fair job of blending together with the stamps on top of it all. I still feel this one is missing something. I really wanted to use a pink pen for the top lettering, but I need ones that write better on backgrounds. Maybe this one just didn't have enough layers on the background.




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