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Journal 52- week 6-window


I tried a few new techniques with this page. I used both gelato and a watercolor pencil to make this background. I then stamped the face as well as the trees and colored them in. I used bubble wrap and acrylic pain to add some texture. I added the window which i did my best to cut out and glue down. I wrote my quote in pencil first then went over it in pen. This worked much better for me. As the page still felt undone, I decided to add the stamps in the upper corners and the branch in the center. I colored them in with gel pens. As a final touch I added the bird perched on top of the window.
This page was inspired in part by a conversation with a friend in a journal group, in which he was talking about how the loss of his wife to cancer had taught him to live life as one never knows how long they have.



Busy Creating


This page is from last week. The background is acrylics I dropped onto the page then smeared with an old card. I then glued down my image, which is from the artist Josephine wall. I then added the words with a black sharpie. I finished it off with some butterfly stamps.

This background is many layers of different layers purple paint, with a thinned down light purple on top. I used black archival ink to stamp randomly on the background, Then I applied a stencil on top with orange paint. I outlined the stencil, used orange ink to stamp the very bottom, black ink to stamp the mushrooms. I colored them in with Gel pens (not Sakura, but no idea what brand, I got them at target) then I distressed the word I cut out from O Magazine with black distress ink. The other phrase I found in my stash already colored yellow. I glued down the words, then finished by adding the words out of the woman's lips.

This final page is red, yellow, and blue acrylics that I mixed to get the rainbow colors. I added the cut out Kermit, and the printed lyrics to the song rainbow connection.


Television- journal 52- week 5


The prompt for last week was television. I had to sit with this a bit before I knew which direction I wanted to take this prompt.

This page was quite fun to make. I started 2 pages at the same time. The other one is awaiting me to print something out.

I have always been a muppet fan, a Jim Henson fan. I cried when he died. I still eat he very muppet movie that comes out. I may even like Sesame Street more than my son.


I'm also a Kermit the frog fan. A HUGE Kermit fan.



I really love the background on this page. It was done with gelatos, and stamps. The rest of the page was done with cutouts that I printed from online.