Television- journal 52- week 5


The prompt for last week was television. I had to sit with this a bit before I knew which direction I wanted to take this prompt.

This page was quite fun to make. I started 2 pages at the same time. The other one is awaiting me to print something out.

I have always been a muppet fan, a Jim Henson fan. I cried when he died. I still eat he very muppet movie that comes out. I may even like Sesame Street more than my son.


I'm also a Kermit the frog fan. A HUGE Kermit fan.



I really love the background on this page. It was done with gelatos, and stamps. The rest of the page was done with cutouts that I printed from online.




2 responses »

    • I love those old guys too. Cannot remember their names though.
      I’ve realized that like anything else, it takes practice to improve art journaling. I’m definitely getting better as I do more and more. Of course watching art journaling on you tube is also a huge help.

      Thanks for the compliment

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