Busy Creating


This page is from last week. The background is acrylics I dropped onto the page then smeared with an old card. I then glued down my image, which is from the artist Josephine wall. I then added the words with a black sharpie. I finished it off with some butterfly stamps.

This background is many layers of different layers purple paint, with a thinned down light purple on top. I used black archival ink to stamp randomly on the background, Then I applied a stencil on top with orange paint. I outlined the stencil, used orange ink to stamp the very bottom, black ink to stamp the mushrooms. I colored them in with Gel pens (not Sakura, but no idea what brand, I got them at target) then I distressed the word I cut out from O Magazine with black distress ink. The other phrase I found in my stash already colored yellow. I glued down the words, then finished by adding the words out of the woman's lips.

This final page is red, yellow, and blue acrylics that I mixed to get the rainbow colors. I added the cut out Kermit, and the printed lyrics to the song rainbow connection.



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