Color page-journal52- week 10


This weeks prompt was fun and easy. The instructions were to use a color page as inspiration.


I knew right away I would color a picture of a house and tree. Growing up, even into my teens I drew pictures of houses and trees almost daily, if not several times a day. I sometimes added other elements but the picture always had a house and tree

I used a black marker to draw my picture then crayons markers to color it in. I added the sky and trees with gelatos which I went over in water.




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  1. What are the three black dots? Duh, never mind. I was thinking of all the symbolisms. The meaning of 3, of black, lol. Clearly I think too much. Lol

    When I draw a house I usually draw the door red šŸ™‚


    • Usually I take the phot before I punch the holes Faith. This time however I forgot. I’m not sure why I chose the colors I did this time. Although my doors are always brown, I think I usually varied the color of the house. For me purple is a moving on color, bravery, the future. Red varies on meaning. Usually anger, or something stuck.

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