Monthly Archives: April 2015

Journal 52 week 16- collage


This is one of my favorite pages I've done to date. I have been watching you tube art journal videos lately. It's really sparked some ideas along with my creativity.



I started with some dictionary pages which I ripped into pieces and glued them randomly to the paper. After dry, I used yellow and teal gelatos to add some color. I then blended that with a watered down brush. I used an old hairdryer to dry that. I leafed through various issues of O magazine ripping out images that caught my eye at random. When I got that down I played around with them and my background until I found the one that felt right. Then I glued that down. I went through quotes until I found the one that fit, that said what I wanted it to. I typed that out on my iPad and printed it in size 18 in a font I liked. I glued that to card stock and cut it out. I distressed the edges of each word with black distress ink. I played around with word placement until I found what I liked, then I glued that down. I used a stamp and black ink to make the border. I decided the top needed something so I played around with a variety of things until I came to the flower stamp which I stamped in black onto a piece of card stock that I then cut out and glued down.



Journal 52 week 15-card


Although I started with the idea to make a card, in the end, well it turned out more like a tag. Oh well. I took the prompt and went my own way.


I started out with a collage paper that was already cut down. It was flimsy so I glued it to card stock. I stamped some leaves in distress ink, in green onto the paper. Then on a separate piece of card stock I stamped an image of a head. I used markers to color it in, then cut it out. I glued it to the card I had started. I added a hole and a brad to the card/tag, then colored it red to make it look like a berry.

I started out with some gelatos. Mostly I just use the cheap gel sticks you can get at michaels in the kids section. I like them just as much as the gelatos. After I used a watered down brush to spread that around on my gessoed paper, I drew a tree with a pencil. After that I used brown acrylics to paint the trunk and a leaf stamp with distress ink to stamp the leaves. Then I added the tag/card by punching a hole in my page. I added a bird and the butterflies. Both which I used brown archival ink and markers to color. As a final touch I used green gelato to make some grass.




Journal 52-week 14- sweet shop


I knew as soon as I saw this prompt what my entry would be. My pap was the biggest sugar addict I knew.

I used red gelato for the background, then stamped it with black ranger archival ink. I printed the various images from online and glued them down. I added the heart with red marker, then the journaling with blue bic. I added the sugar with black stencil alphabet.


Journal 52 week 13- spring cleaning


What I need to spring clean the most is the negative old thoughts in my mind.

This page was quick and I'm not sure I like it. It started good with the stencil of the face but I just don't think I brought it together well.
I used a stencil with black gelato, on a background of orange gelato. Then I used letter stencils add spring cleaning and markers for the words.