Week 17-treasure- journal 52


I started this page by gluing dictionary pages I ripped into pieces onto the page. After that dried i put brown gel stick over the paper. I went over that with water then allowed it to dry.

Often I start the page, then search for a quote to fit. This time I found the quote first. I printed it out on the computer in a font I liked. Using brown distress ink on the edges.

I went through back issues of O magazine and cut out random books that fit the size I needed. I found the image of the woman and man which I also cut out. I arranged it all and glued it all down. The quote stood out too much so I went over that with some distress ink to make it blend a bit.




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  1. you arrange things so nicely. Of course I had to be nosy and look at the titles. I like the idea of using old dictionary pages as a collage background.

    • I found that idea on you tube. I really like the effect. I also found an old book at the library to use as backgrounds but the words are bigger. I haven’t found a page yet where that is appropriate.

    • I’ve actually only read one of those books, the Jeannette walls one. Though Wild is on my too read list. I chose those titles more for the size than the title.

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