Week 18- observation-journal52


This page I started by spreading gesso everywhere. I went over that with purple gel stick, which I spread around with water. I cut out part of a scrapbook page which I covered in a gesso wash. I then colored it with purple gel stick which I spread with water.

I cut out other images from a scrapbook page, which I gesso washed then spread purple gel stick which I spread with water. I played around with placement, then glued down the image on the left, and used white gel stick along the edge where the pages meet. I glued down the feather, the large owl, and the half circle. Deciding something was missing I stamped an owl in purple archival stamp ink onto card stock and cut it out. Then I glued that down and drew in the feet with purple sharpie pen. I smeared a little gel stick over the eyes of the owl. I added a bird, also in purple archival ink, and a cut out of flowers from k & company. As a final touch I found a quote on observation( the theme of this weeks journal 52) that I liked and wrote it in white paint pen on purple card stock, and glued it on.



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  1. Beautiful page.

    I’ve always been a little jealous of the members of our group. Their (and your) journals are always such works of art, while mine have always been so utilitarian.

    • Don’t feel bad, though I do understand jealousy is natural for everyone. I think we all have our own style, and there is nothing wrong with that. Thanks for the compliment though

  2. wow, purple, the color of royalty. it has a beautiful gradient as well.
    this page is very, very symbolic. I love all the sayings on it…..and I’d kill to have a bird stamp like that. do you remember where you got it?

    • I used to shy away from the color purple. I’m not sure why. Recently it has become my favorite color. I’m not sure what it means yet. Strength and moving beyond, self acceptance perhaps. Maybe it’s always meant that to me and that is why I shied away from it before.

      Do you mean the owl stamp or the little bird. The owl was a dollar find probably at either meijer or Walmart, though michaels has those dollar bins as well. The other stamp I’m not sure of. It would have been a clearance find. It came with other stamps, a bird cage amount them. Probably got that on clearance at michaels or hobby lobby. I frequent these stores for clearance stamps,etc. every few weeks or so.

  3. You know what’s funny? While pink is my favorite color, I seem to lean toward purple now. I think it’s because of the purple ribbon and all it stands for as well as my experiences with all it stands for. Lupus, Fibro, Domestic Violence and Alzheimer.

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