Brach’s candy- non art journal entry


This entry is non art journal related. If you read my blog for that you may want to skip this.

Tonight my cousin reminded me of my abuser, my grampy ( not the one who died recently) and how he used to let everyone haVe sugar before sending us home. She actually tagged me in a Facebook thing. Only she knows he was my abuser.

Why would she tag me in that? I don't want to be reminded of him, ever. I don't have those happy memories she has, or my other cousins have. I remember the terror and abuse. Those are my memories.

She reminded me of how he used to buy us brach's pick a mix either before or after, some sick reward I guess. For a very long time I had to skip the aisle in the grocery with the brach's candy. I couldn't get anywhere near it.

Now I'm reminded of it. I feel sick, and small. I'm also angry that she tags me in that shit. Wtf? It's rude at best says my sis in law. Know what? She's right.


I feel less than, and bad, and dirty, and different. And again like why me, why do they seem to not have any bad memories or abuse and I did?


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