Non journal52 pages


A few months ago I got a spiral bound art journal for non journal52 pages.

It feels hard to share these pages, the non 'perfect' ones. I wonder if others struggle with that too. At any rate things are learned every time we do a page.

I like the background on this page but somewhere it is too much. I think it is the black color, or maybe I should have stopped after the bear and not done the black or white dots.

This page I like more yet the butterfly is too stand out I think,mwhen my purpose was to showcase the words. The butterfly should be in blue. Acrylics, cutouts, stickers, black marker.
This one I like the background colors but the orange I wish was more muted, I should have gone over it in watered down gesso. Also I dislike the red background of the words. I think the background is watercolor pencil. Stamps with black ranger ink pad, Orange Stayz on ink pad, red glitter card stock, white pen, blue acrylic.

This page I like. I love the heart, I used torn up dictionary pages for the background of the heart. The flower stamps in the pages are smudged which is the only issue I have with this page. This is yellow gel stick, toned down with white gesso. Dictionary pages torn and glued in the shape of half a heart, ove red with red gel stick. Stamped in black ranger ink, colored with markers.




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  1. The bear is perfect and so is the butterfly piece. The butterfly gives wings to the words. I absolutely love that. The authentic self is so amazing, seriously. I really like these.
    I’ve only left a comment here but in viewing the others I can see you took a few risks. Boy do I know about posting something and going…..oh I hope people don’t see this and think “what was she doing? she’s got other paintings that are good, then there’s this one.” Even if they thought negatively about a painting its their thought, not my reality.
    I always look forward to your art journal pieces. They inspire me. I used to do it a lot more and just said the other day I should get back in it. Who knows……..

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