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Wings- week 22- journal 52


I had so many idea with the prompt wings. Yet I just had trouble with people. I haven't gotten any people stamps or stencils yet. It limits me to heads and cutouts. After several hours of searching I got frustrated.

I decided to color in some heads to calm down. Then I came across some wings and well this is what came out.

I started by covering my page with frayed burlap ranger distress paint. I added some brown shades of Neocolor ii overtop and blended with a finger dipped in water.

The head is a Stamp done in dark cherry color is ink, colored with Neocolor ii. And cut out from cardstock.

I cut out a large heart, then cut the center out. I used various shades of blue Neocolor ii for the heart. I blended with my finger dipped in water. I outlined the heart onto cardstock then used purple and metallic purple gel sticks for the center. I went over that with a brush dipped in water, then I laid down a stencil and wiped off some paint using a baby wipe. I cut out the center and glued the outline on top.

I found a butterfly cutout and cut the wings off.


I decided that I wanted blue on the background as if my lady was in flight against a dark sky. So I added various shades of blue Neocolor ii, going over them the same as before, with a finger dipped in water. Satisfied I glued everything down. Then I used black brush Pitt pen to write the quote.