Monthly Archives: August 2015

10 minute challenge-week 31- journal 52


This weeks prompt was to see what could be accomplished in 10 minutes. I set the timer and this is what I accomplished.

I used pink and purple alcohol ink for the background. Then I used some stamps in purple and turquoise on dictionary pages and cut them out. I glued them down, then used a heart stencil on a dictionary page which I colored with red gellato and purple alcohol ink.

Then my time was up.

I will leave this page as is for the challenge but I will probably recreate the page so I can finish it.


I liked that I didn't have time to think, I just let myself create.





Road less challenged-week 30- journal 52


The prompt this week was the road less challenged. I had no idea what to do when I was looking through an issue of O magazine and an idea formed.

I used pink and blue alcohol ink, then free handed a tree trunk. I used an ink pad and stamp to stamp the leaves on the trees then used stamps and black ink for the words.



Positive change- journal 52-Week 29-


The prompt this week was positive change. My page represents the change from negative self talk to a better higher self esteem and better self talk.


I started this page once again with some homemade alcohol ink. I used a blue, a yellow, and a grey.

The flowers I did with the same blue and grey and a stencil.mi covered them with a thin layer of gesso as they were too bright.


After cutting the picture from an O magazine page, I glued it down. Then using a stencil and my Pitt pens I stenciled the words on top. I free handed the words on the bottom. Then used a aquamarine and a black archival ink to stamp the remaining words.



Week 28- mail art- journal 52


I began this page by using homemade alcohol inks in 2 shades of purple and turquoise. While that dried I stamped some flowers and leaves onto junk mail. I colored them in using my neocolor ii. Then I cut them out.

I decided to add some texture to my page using modeling paste and a circle stencil I made. Satisfied I glued my flowers leaves down. For the top I used a stamp to stamp my circles on junk mail, then colored using neocolor ii and cut them out. I applied them to the top.mthen decided I needed something else. I rifled through my scrap stuff and happened upon the mushroom. After adding that, I used a stencil and a Pitt pen for my quote, which imalsomdid on junk mail. After gluing that down, I decided the top needed something. I mixed yellow acrylic paint with modeling paste. Then I used that with a stencil for the stars. After using a drier on that, I added the bird which I found in my scrap bin.



Week 27- kindness-journal 52


I started this page by browsing quotes. When I found one I liked, I used stencils and a grey Pitt brush marker on card stock I had previously used gel sticks on. I gessoed my page as usual then used grey gel stick very lightly on the background. I used homemade spray alcohol ink (silver turquoise) on top of the grey. Then using a black Pitt brush marker I made black squiggle lines on top. I cut out an image from O magazine then glued that down. I mixed liquitex basic paint with modeling paste, then applied that with a knife on a brass arrow stencil. After drying that with a hair dryer, I glued down the quote.




Week 26- elements- journal52


The prompt for journal 52 week 25 was elements. I chose air as the element I wanted to do. It is the one that resonates with me the most.

Unlike most of my pages, I had an idea in my head beforehand. I started with my gel sticks to do the background. While that dried I turned to the trees. I glued dictionary paper I ripped up randomly to several pieces of card stock, then I used tree stamps with black archival ink. I colored the trees in with green gel sticks and neocolor ii. Then cut them all out. I cut out the sun and cloud from scrapbook paper then glued them down. As a final touch I printed out a quote using the printer. After cutting the quote out, I glued it down.


Week 25- questions & answers- journal52


The prompt for journal 52 this week was questions and answers. I used distress stain and ink on the background. Then I cut up a little book on my home town of Altoona and glued it down. It was way too white, so I applied distress stain over top. After that was dry i glued down the images I had cut out from the same book.

It felt incomplete still. After leafing through my supplies I found a cut out butterfly. I used a stamp on cardstock for the face then cut that out and used Pitt brush markers to color it in. I glued the face behind the butterfly on the paper. Then added a stamped cage using black archival ink. As a final touch I used green gel stick on cardstock which I then wrote my question on in Pitt brush marker. After cutting that out and gluing it down I added my answer with letter stickers.