Monthly Archives: September 2015

Week 37- calendar- journal 52


This page, like the one spa few weeks ago, started with a background I used to use up supplies, so as not to waste them. They include orange dyed modeling paste, stencil of leaves, distress paint. I added very little to this to complete it. I cut up an old calendar for the months, added a large sticker, and the scrap paper ( again from Faith ) with ” my favorite” on it.



Week 36- hope- journal 52

This page started with blue and yellow alcohol ink (homemade). I hate blank spaces so I added a stamped swirl in aquamarine. With the prompt, hope, in mind I went through some old coffee table books, I found some plain brown that I used as ground. After gluing it down I decided to make it into a branch as well. I found a butterfly cutout ( received in a packaged from Faith ) i pondered for awhile, then decided to stamp the birdcage onto tissue paper, to achieve the effect of the butterfly in the cage. After gluing that down carefully ( tissue paper and glue, what an ordeal) I tried to draw a flower under the cage. I didn't like it so I covered it with a cutout stamp left over from a previous project. I added bird sticker then the bottom flower sticker. I found my quote which I printed out and sprayed yellow alcohol ink on.


Week 35-plans-journal 52


I started this page with red gelato and red neocolor ii on the background, which I went over with a watered down brush.

I glued down a cutout of a woman then usedsome orange acrylic paint to make orange modeling paste. I used a stencil to make the orange heart on her butt. While that dried I found some word cutouts, glued them down, the. Added the jewel gems to the words, then to her butt . I cutout a heart from some red paper then glued it down, stamping the word love over top. I added as a final touch the phrase, I believe in me.


I'm not sure exactly how this relates to the prompt of plans. This is simply what came out.


Week 34- keys- journal 52


This page requires som explanation on the background. I hate to waste any supply as I go about art journaling. As a result I often put left over paint and model paste on a separate page. I have a stack of such pages. Mostly I don’t use them later. As I went about making the hearts for this page and cut them out, I realized this particular background worked perfect. As a result I’m not really sure what all the background includes. It does have some yellow model paste as well as some sort of junk mail that I had pasted down. There also appears to be blue or green alcohol ink drips.


The hearts I used a stencil to cut out in 3 sizes on 2 matches scrapbook paper pages. After deciding how to lay them out and gluing them down, I added smudges around the edges in an attempt to blend them into the page some.


On a different piece of scrapbook paper, one that matched yet stood out,I traced a tag then cut it out. I used my black Pitt pen to add the quote. Then deciding it was too plain, I added the ruffled ribbon around the edge. I punched a hole in both the tag and , my page, and using a decorative brad I added the tag to the page.


I decided the page was done, yet as I look at it now, it feels incomplete. Though I’m not sure what else I would add to it. I think any stamps or anything would take away from the tag, which I want to stand out.





Week 33- comfort zone- journal 52


With a vague idea in mind, I started this page with blue, turquoise, and yellow alcohol ink. I used a key stamp with aquamarine archival ink to stamp the background. After going through my scrap cutouts I found the cutout and glued it down. I found the dragonfly cutout and added it to the page. Using scrap paper with my blue Pitt pen, I wrote the quote which I then cutout. I added it to the page,mthen decided to smear some grey neocolor ii around the words ( I added too much and it doesn't look right). Then deciding my page was missing something I went back through my scraps and found the trees which were leftover for another earlier page. I cut them in half and added them to the bottoms. Then I cut a cage in half, adding it to the left side as a final touch.


Week 32- perspective- journal 52


I had no idea what to do when I saw this prompt. I found the background cutout looking for inspiration in an old issue of O magazine. I went through other cutouts I had and found the face and the dress. I glued the background down,mthen added the face and the dress.


I needed some words to go with it. I used a cutout that I sprayed with pink homemade alcohol ink. I wrote my quote with a purple Pitt pen. Then I glued it down. As a final touch I used some stamp words I had with my black archival ink.