Week 33- comfort zone- journal 52


With a vague idea in mind, I started this page with blue, turquoise, and yellow alcohol ink. I used a key stamp with aquamarine archival ink to stamp the background. After going through my scrap cutouts I found the cutout and glued it down. I found the dragonfly cutout and added it to the page. Using scrap paper with my blue Pitt pen, I wrote the quote which I then cutout. I added it to the page,mthen decided to smear some grey neocolor ii around the words ( I added too much and it doesn't look right). Then deciding my page was missing something I went back through my scraps and found the trees which were leftover for another earlier page. I cut them in half and added them to the bottoms. Then I cut a cage in half, adding it to the left side as a final touch.



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  1. You might be surprised. Many pieces considered great art have unintentional effects.
    Also, once an artist is familiar with a given media, he can anticipate effects and better manipulate it to a desired conclusion.
    Your art is good. I always look forward to seeing your work. I hope you don’t stress too much while working (says the hypocrite). If so you may not receive the full joy and release that comes with creating.


    • No we actually don’t stress while doing art. Well okay, we do but then have to stop. Once you mentioned how your art is always planned, so we tried that. Oh. What a disaster. What was in the head wouldn’t come out. So we stick with what works. We start with a prompt in mind, or a feeling, or quote, or whatnot, and just let it happen.

      • I said our art is always planned? I wonder to the what extent i meant planned. I plan the media, I know the message/feeling I’m trying to convey but if I plan too much then I feel stifled.

        There are times I have a painting in my head that I allow to grow, then I put it on paper. When that is the case, the piece comes together quickly and I’m exhausted after.

        I prefer to grab a black pen, start with a line and go from there.

        I guess I do both. Sometimes I plan but most art comes about with no real plan. That’s interesting to me because it let’s me know I can be a little more flexible than I thought. I’m happy you reminded me of the times I plan my work. Huh, pretty cool.

        I know 1 thing I can’t do. I’m not not able to do commissioned work. I have a hard time translation their idea / vision to canvas. That doesn’t work for me at all.


        • I think you were referring to paintings that you allow to grow in your head.

          I think to do commissioned pieces you have to be artistic in a different way. Your art I think, like mine comes from your heart and soul. That type I think is intensely personal. It’s sort of like bleeding onto the paper.

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