Week 34- keys- journal 52


This page requires som explanation on the background. I hate to waste any supply as I go about art journaling. As a result I often put left over paint and model paste on a separate page. I have a stack of such pages. Mostly I don’t use them later. As I went about making the hearts for this page and cut them out, I realized this particular background worked perfect. As a result I’m not really sure what all the background includes. It does have some yellow model paste as well as some sort of junk mail that I had pasted down. There also appears to be blue or green alcohol ink drips.


The hearts I used a stencil to cut out in 3 sizes on 2 matches scrapbook paper pages. After deciding how to lay them out and gluing them down, I added smudges around the edges in an attempt to blend them into the page some.


On a different piece of scrapbook paper, one that matched yet stood out,I traced a tag then cut it out. I used my black Pitt pen to add the quote. Then deciding it was too plain, I added the ruffled ribbon around the edge. I punched a hole in both the tag and , my page, and using a decorative brad I added the tag to the page.


I decided the page was done, yet as I look at it now, it feels incomplete. Though I’m not sure what else I would add to it. I think any stamps or anything would take away from the tag, which I want to stand out.






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  1. Exceptional. Frame it!
    I really like that.
    You know I’m a fan. I wear my (invisible) Patch fan club button with pride. Perhaps one day you will be comfortable with allowing me to hang a piece of your art? That would be nice. I’ve got a good size section of wall for guest art work. It will be very cool if you decide to accept the invitation to fill a spot on my wall. Until then, I’ll ohh and ahhh from one state over.
    Little Duck

    • I’m honored that you would ask to hang something I made on your wall. The idea of that dumbfounded me honestly. I honestly do this just for me, it’s how I express best. Someday I’ll work up the courage to send you a piece.

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