Week 39-I am- journal 52


A page for my birthday. This simple prompt hold so much meaning for me. Growing up in an environment of sexual abuse, I learned I was all sorts of things, all of them negative. It took me years and years to begin to let them go. I had to make a conscious effort to make this page all positive. It was hard for me.

I am sure many feel not good enough, abused or not. Many of us feel like it is not enough to simply be me, to be yourself. But it is enough and you are good enough.


After applying gesso, I used a blue and a green alcohol ink for the background. Then I used a stamp with aquamarine archival ink for the border. I found a cut out and added the words in black Pitt pen, then glued that down. I used stickers for I am. Then I added the ladybug stickers to the top of the cutout. I added the other word stickers, then the stamped words. To finish this page I added the owl sticker (I love the clearance section of hobby lobby) and the arrow stamps in the corners.


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