Monthly Archives: November 2015

Child’s play-week 45-journal 52


The prompt this week was child's play. I decided to use the prompt,and do something I would have done when I was little.


My nana used to have this huge JC Penneys box that was filled with art supplies. One of favorite things to do was to play art.


For this page I did just what I did when I was little. I had fun with no regards for composition or colors or anything. I used tangerine, blue calypso, and bubblegum alcohol ink. I finger painted a rainbow on one side, then added some tape on the other. I added a stamp to the bottom then I finished it up with some stickers.




Hauntingly beautiful-week 44-journal 52


This prompt came out close to Halloween. I decided to up do a Halloween themed page. After I gessoed my page, I used silver teal, silver gray and cinnamon drop alcohol ink for the background color. Over that I stamped some leaves using my aquamarine archival stamp pad. I went through my scrap pieces and found some flowers I had done for a previous page. I sprayed them with cinnamon alcohol ink. After finding no woman I liked ( I really need some people stamps) I O magazines and my other stash, I stamped a head using the same black stamp pad and a face stamp onto paper, I colored them with Neocolor ii. Then I used some arms and legs I cut out of O magazine along with a body I made from a bird cage I stamped in black ink and sprayed with cinnamon drop alcohol ink. I stamped some trees onto the page in black ink. Then as a final touch I used some cut out/stickers I found, a bat, some words, and a beetle.




Week 36-hideout-journal 52


This is the week I was missing. So I went back and did it. I started with music scrapbook paper. I covered that with gesso. To get the background color I used cinnamon alcohol ink and red gelato.over that I used sepia archival stamp pad with a stamp. Once that was dry I glued down the image I cut from O magazine, then covered part of her face with a flower. I used my stamp with color box cherry ink to stamp the trees. I found some scrap paper in my stash and wrote my quote in red Pitt pen. As a final touch I glued the quote down.


Focus- week 43- journal 52


I really like this page. It started as a scrap page that I stamped with some stamps when I had used them on other pages. To that I added the zigzag stencil with blue acrylic paint. Then to tone it down I applied watered down gesso on top. I sprayed alcohol ink on top. Then I used a dictionary page with a stencil for the heart. I used neocolor ii to color the heart. I used archival stamp pads in black and aquamarine to stamp on tissue paper, that I then cut out. I glued everything down. I wanted it to appear that the black circles are trying to draw attention away from what the focus should be, the heart.

I finished this off with sticker letters that I part outlined so they stood out more.






Mask-week 42-journal 52


The prompt for the week was mask. There are so many possibility, especially as the prompt came right about Halloween. I glued down some ripped out dictionary pages. I used a handmade stencil with some purple acrylic ink. Then I sprayed purple alcohol ink over that.


I had no idea what to do, so I picked up an O magazine and found this image. I cut it out then used the same purple archival ink with the face stamp on separate paper. I used neocolor ii to color the face in. After cutting it out, and cutting the magazine image apart, I glued everything down so it appears the real face of the woman is peeking out.


To finish the page I added the quote.


Trees- week 40- journal52


The prompt for week 40 was trees. I cut out a bunch of scrapbook papers into leaf shapes. My background is done in yellow and orange alcohol inks (I think) then I used neocolor ii with water to make the tree trunk.


I glued down all the leaves. Then used stamps on separate paper to make the quote, then cut it out and glued it down.


In looking back, I would do the leaves different next time. But I learned something and that is okay.


Fairytales-week 41-journal52


I got my weeks mixed up along the line. After looking back I missed week 36, which put everything after a week off. So I'm now out of order in weeks, as I haven't done week 36 yet.

This is a wedding photo of hubby and I. I accidently covered hubby's head up. Oops. I never thought I would get married, never thought anyone would want to marry me. I felt like a princess on my wedding day.

I used silver gray and calypso blue alcohol inks to start this page. I stamped the background with a stamp using an aquamarine archival stamp pad. After printing my photo on paper, I glued it down. I wanted to add some color to the background so I used color box stamp pad in cherry with a rose stamp

To add some texture I mixed some cinnamon drop acrylic paint with my modeling paste and used that with a heart stencil.


To finish the page I added some stickers.