Hauntingly beautiful-week 44-journal 52


This prompt came out close to Halloween. I decided to up do a Halloween themed page. After I gessoed my page, I used silver teal, silver gray and cinnamon drop alcohol ink for the background color. Over that I stamped some leaves using my aquamarine archival stamp pad. I went through my scrap pieces and found some flowers I had done for a previous page. I sprayed them with cinnamon alcohol ink. After finding no woman I liked ( I really need some people stamps) I O magazines and my other stash, I stamped a head using the same black stamp pad and a face stamp onto paper, I colored them with Neocolor ii. Then I used some arms and legs I cut out of O magazine along with a body I made from a bird cage I stamped in black ink and sprayed with cinnamon drop alcohol ink. I stamped some trees onto the page in black ink. Then as a final touch I used some cut out/stickers I found, a bat, some words, and a beetle.




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