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Jam- favorite color


The JAM prompt for the week was my favorite color. The challenge was saran wrap. This has changed as the years have passed, or maybe as I have gotten older.  Currently my favorite color is purple.

I started this page by getting out all my purple paints.  I used my gears stencil with some dark purple paint.  I was concerned when I was done by how dark the purple was on the page.  I decided to  use some purple spray ink on the page to try to tone down the gears.  I scrunched up saran wrap and let it dry to cause the slight crackle effect.  Satisfied by how that looked I, added some diamonds to the page in a pale purple.  Then as a final background touch I used my dots stencil with some sand and lavender  colored paint.

I decided to add the word purple. I tried purple ink but this blended into the background too much, so I had to redo it with black ink.  Not liking how the purple just sat in the center of the page, I added a white flower ribbon to both the top and bottom of the word.  I used my stamps and silks acrylic glazes to color in the birds and flowers.  As a final touch I used a butterfly punch to punch out some  butterflies on purple paper and glued them to the bottom of the page.



JAM- name


During the time I thought that journal 52 wasn't doing back for 2016, I went searching for other art journal groups and prompts. That is when I found Embrace your art with Tiara Smith. It didn't take me long to decide to join in her JAM 2016.


Creating in the round is new for me. I admit my nervousness with this prompt. I was concerned I wouldn't have enough space. This first prompt is my name. Each week in addition to a prompt there is a challenge. This first week, the challenge is to use a baby wipe.


I found an paper pad with colored sheets of different thickness. I decided to use the paper up for this year long challenge. I started by using a compass to draw the largest circle I could fit on the paper. After cutting it out my first action was to gesso the page. I used a baby wipe to both apply the gesso and smear it around a bit. My plan was to gesso multiple times to give myself a white background to start on. Once I saw the effect of the red showing through somewhat with just the one coat, I decided to leave it be as a background.


Wanting a hint of color, I decided to try a technique I saw on a YouTube video. After dipping a finger in water, I smeared it over the top of my real gelato. Then I rubbed said finger through the stencil. The effect is very subtle on this particular background. I'll have to try this same technique on a completely white background. Not feeling done with my background, I used a crackle stencil with white acrylic paint. I love how this looks.

Satisfied with the background I moved onto the rest of the page, only problem was I felt stuck.

The issue is my name itself. It's not a name I use other than at work. I don't feel connected to my given name. In fact I honestly hate it. Some day I will change it but not until after my mom has passed.


If you have ever taken time to go back through this blog the. You know my childhood was difficult and abusive. This given name I associate with that abuse. With that life I left behind. When I saw my bird cage stencil, I had an idea.

I used black for the tree branch and the bird cages. Black to me is a color of Being stuck and caged. The images of the birds in cages is a perfect representation of how my given name leaves me feeling, caged. Backed in a corner.

To finish this page, I added said name with red. I used red to symbolize anger and hate. This is how I feel about my given name. I used a white univalve signo pen to outline the letters so they stood out a bit against the background.


Jam- describe yourself in words


I am loving this group. I love creating in the round. The lack of corners really makes a huge difference in a page. To go with the prompt this group has a challenge. The challenge to go with this prompt, describe yourself in words, was use a brayer.


I had fun with this page. I love the colors. I stated with a blue, a yellow, and a pink acrylic paint. I smeared them on the page with a playdoh rolling pin of my son’s. I don’t own a brayer. I decided to use the same colors with a small dot stencil to add a bit of texture to the background. Feeling the background was incomplete, I used a stencil with some blue ink. Then I used purple ink with a stamp to stamp the squiggles on. This is the sole thing about this page I don’t like. I should have stuck,with the color theme, used a similar ink color for the squiggles. As they are they stand out too much.

I couldn’t think of any positive words about myself so I asked hubby. He gave me the words I used. At first I was unsure how to put them on the page. The idea came to me to do them crossword style. I used card stock I had in colors that were similar to the background. I used the same purple ink that I used on the squiggles. I cut the letters all out. Then I arranged them how I wanted to.

I decided there was something missing. I used the purple ink with a bird stamp. Then I used silks acrylic glaze to color the birds. I love the effect this gives in person. It’s sparkly.


As a final touch I used modeling paste with a stencil to give a bit of texture.



Journal 52- song lyrics


The prompt for the week was David Bowie or favorite lyrics.


I actually started this page with some very bright orange and red paint. I did this before I had any idea what my song lyric would be. I later went back and decided to paint over it with black paint. I really love the effect of this. You can sort of see the paint underneath but not really. The effect looks really nice as a dark night sky.


I looked at lyrics for days before I chose this one. Music means a lot to me. It’s so hard to choose just one favorite song. I more have favorite artists. But those change as well. It all depends on my mood.

After I decided on these lyrics I printed them in a font I liked. Then I cut them out. I inked the edges with black ink.


Tuning my attention to the Angel, I used a stamp to stamp her in black ink. I used a combination of silks acrylic glazes, inktense pencils, and Neocolor ii to color my angel. ( I am terrible at shadowing so I don’t even try. Need to learn though).


Before attaching anything I added some splatters of white paint. After gluing it all down, I ised my white uniball to add the band and song title.


I really love this page.



Word of year- journal 52


Effy Wild ended up taking over Journal 52. I'm so happy about that. Of course I am continuing with this. This year each week there are two prompts. One from Effy and an alternate one from her admin Sarah.

I'm doing things a bit different this year. I decided to work in a pre made book. I'm using a strathmore visual journal with 90 lb paper.

Week 1 prompt was word of the year. I started the page with a few words in mind, deciding to choose later in the week.


Knowing my word would be a word to invoke calm, I chose shades of blue for the background. After laying down a variety of blue alcohol sprays, I decided to go over that with blue gelatos which I smeared around with a wet fingertip.


Seeing as I got stencils for Christmas, choosing which ones to use was the most difficult part of this page. After picking diamonds, I used that with a makeup sponge and a blue acrylic paint. It didn't look right to me, so I added a few sprays of some alcohol inks, a blue and a green.


I woke up one morning midweek, knowing my word was going to be breathe. T

I used my letter stamps and black archival ink to stamp the word then cut it out.


I usually just gaze around at all my supplies until inspiration hits. That is exactly how I decided to use a new stamp for behind my word. After stamping her in black archival ink, I used my Neocolor ii to color her in. Happy with her placement on the page I glued her and the word down.


Disliking the big blank spaces, I added a tree stencil and a bird cage to symbolize the feeling of being in a cage that often accompanies the anxiety I struggle with. Panic attacks feel like I am stuck in a cage and can't escape. I used black for the tree but blue for the bird. I wanted the cage to be in a peaceful color. I also wanted the cage to stand out as separate from the tree.

I decided as a final touch to add some butterflies to the page. For me they symbolize freedom. This is the freedom that Breathing gives me.

I decided I needed some texture. I used my dick blick modeling paste for this with a music stencil. Not being able to wait any longer, I used my new silks acrylic glazes in silver on top of the music notes.


The next day, I decided I needed some texture. I used my dick blick modeling paste for this with a music stencil. Not being able to wait any longer, I used my new silks acrylic glazes in silver on top of the music notes.

I decided the white of the word stood out too much. I decided to use some green sparkle paint on it. Only the sparkle is just in one line. But I left it anyways. I went around the word with some gray neocolor ii to make it blend in more.

As a final touch I decided to spatter some white paint on the page.



JAM- nickname

The prompt for week 2 was nickname. The challenge was use a stamp.
Rather than try to set the compass to the same size, I opted to simply trace my first circle.
I didn’t want any of my page to be orange so I started with 3 coats of gesso. To add a bit of texture I started by ripping some dictionary pages and gluing them done. After that was dry, I used a baby wipe to smear around some teal liquitex basic acrylic paint. ( teal is a color of the now, a color of living life, or happiness and contentment)
Seeing as the dictionary pages didn’t show through as much as I wanted I knew my background wasn’t yet finished. I decided to try the gelato with wet finger technique again. This time I used a circle stencil with black gelato. I also decided to add some flowers which I used a stencil for with some purple paint. I didn’t like it. You can sort of see this in the top left of the page, I covered it with teal paints I didn’t like it.
Satisfied with the background I moved onto the rest of the page.
The nickname I use is Angie. It’s a name with power for me. To me it says I survived. It was a way for me to take back power from my abusers.
I knew I wanted to use one of my big stamps. I went with this one because the other one has hands and I didn’t want hands on this page.
I stamped this image on some scrap art paper with a light purple archival ink stamp pad. To color my lady, I used both Neocolor ii and intense pencils. In both cases I used a wet brush and loaded the paint right from the pencil/crayon. ( this is my favorite way to use both the inktense and the Neocolor). I used purple on my lady for all but her face. Purple is a powerful color for me. It’s a color of bravery, of strength.
After cutting out my lady, I knew my page needed something else. I decided to go with flowers. Flowers mean lots of things to me. Peace, choosing life, contentment, nature. I stamped my flowers in a deep purple ink. I wanted my flowers to be 2 colors. I used my new silks acrylic glazes to color them. The silks glazes have a wonderful shine/sparkle to them from the mica chips in them. I love the effect. I also love how they are transparent. After coloring my flowers in blue (calm, peace) and purple, I cut them out. I decided I didn’t want to alternate the flowers around the edge. I didn’t quite know how to arrange them. I decided to add my nickname then go from there. I used a dark purple Pitt brush pen to write my name. I outlined it with my white pen.
I then decided to put the blue flowers on either side of the name then fill in with the purple flowers. I had 2 leftover and decided they made perfect eyes for my lady.
After gluing everything down, I noticed the background was really bright and stood out too much. Borrowing from a YouTube video, I used a stencil and some white paint with a makeup sponge to add the dots.
I love this page and the contrast with the first page. It perfectly represents how I feel with this name versus my given name.


Gratitude- journal 52- week 52


Finally the final page of the year. I have to say I am so proud of myself for completing this entire challenge. All 52 weeks.


The prompt for this final week was gratitude. I started the page with some spray inks in a variety of blue shades. To that I stenciled several different stencils using acrylic paint and gelatos.


I then stamped two stems on separate paper in a blue ink the. Colored them in using Neocolor ii crayons. I used a stamp to make the ladies head, coloring it with the Neocolor ii crayons. After gluing the lady stem to the page, I decided to make the other 'person' a heart symbolizing love. I colored the heart using my neocolors, added eyes, then decided to add wings to make my heart fly. I stamped a cut the wings out, deciding to leave them white. I glued everything down then added the words around the heart in a white signo pen ( where has this pen been all my life). The words say ' with love and gratitude we set you free. As a final touch I outlined the stems with the same white pen.



Here it is. My art journal for 2015. I am so pleased and proud of myself.



Most importantly I learned that to get better at art, I have to practice a lot. Also I learned it is okay to make mistakes. It's okay to dislike a page. Not every page has to be a masterpiece.