Dinosaur- journal 52- week 50


I want to start by saying I hate this page. So much so that I didn't even attempt to fix it or make it work. I just moved on. This is proof that not every page is a success. Not every page turns out.


I used a dark piece of paper for this one. To that I painted some random silks glazes. I added some stencils which I used gelatos for. Up to this point the page was okay.


I drew a dinosaur on some scrapbook paper. I added some spots to the dinosaur ( too many, wrong color). This is where the page goes very wrong. I decided to use pink and a stencil to make some trees. Then I glued down the dinosaur. At this point I simply gave up on the page.





2 responses »

  1. The background rocks! No kidding, the background is really good. I had to laugh when you said, I simply gave up. Lol You sound like me….. this painting isn’t going anywhere, there’s no need to waste more time or supplies…..

    I agree with Laura, the dashhund-dinosaur mix is adorable.

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