Gratitude- journal 52- week 52


Finally the final page of the year. I have to say I am so proud of myself for completing this entire challenge. All 52 weeks.


The prompt for this final week was gratitude. I started the page with some spray inks in a variety of blue shades. To that I stenciled several different stencils using acrylic paint and gelatos.


I then stamped two stems on separate paper in a blue ink the. Colored them in using Neocolor ii crayons. I used a stamp to make the ladies head, coloring it with the Neocolor ii crayons. After gluing the lady stem to the page, I decided to make the other 'person' a heart symbolizing love. I colored the heart using my neocolors, added eyes, then decided to add wings to make my heart fly. I stamped a cut the wings out, deciding to leave them white. I glued everything down then added the words around the heart in a white signo pen ( where has this pen been all my life). The words say ' with love and gratitude we set you free. As a final touch I outlined the stems with the same white pen.



Here it is. My art journal for 2015. I am so pleased and proud of myself.



Most importantly I learned that to get better at art, I have to practice a lot. Also I learned it is okay to make mistakes. It's okay to dislike a page. Not every page has to be a masterpiece.



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  1. Well done. šŸ™‚
    It is true that not every art piece you create will be something you like and not everything needs to exceed the art quality of the last piece you did. It is an unnecessary burden to try and make every art piece better than the one before. And yes, mistakes are fine. It is not a crime to mess up. I think my mess up ratio is something like 1 out of 20 pieces sees the light of day. It’s common. I’m not the exception. Anyway, I’m happy you understand the importance of the bigger picture, so to speak.

    • I’ve been pondering this for nearly a week now.

      I’m still amazed by the idea that all art doesn’t need to be perfect. The idea that I could maybe be an artist after all.

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