Journal 52-week 46- color me crazy


I started this page with an idea for balloons. After putting Gesso on the page, I sprayed 3 colors of spray ink on the page. I picked 3 bright colors that I usually don't use.


I cut some circles, the balloons out of scrapbook paper.i stamped some flowers then decided I didn't like them. I colored over them to help camouflage them some. I found a robot and cut him out. I glued the robot down added the balloons and strings with with a black Pitt pen. I decided my sky needed some birds so on separate paper I stamped them and cut them out then glued them down. The butterflies I found in my stash of bits. As a final touch I stamped the bottom then colored it in bright.



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  1. Girl, I’m so tired I can’t see straight but I keep looking at your artwork. I see a freedom not seen a time ago. Your expressions through art journaling make me stop and think not just about the entire picture but of other things this may represent.
    I’ve gotta sleep, but I’ll be back.
    Later tater,

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