JAM- nickname

The prompt for week 2 was nickname. The challenge was use a stamp.
Rather than try to set the compass to the same size, I opted to simply trace my first circle.
I didn’t want any of my page to be orange so I started with 3 coats of gesso. To add a bit of texture I started by ripping some dictionary pages and gluing them done. After that was dry, I used a baby wipe to smear around some teal liquitex basic acrylic paint. ( teal is a color of the now, a color of living life, or happiness and contentment)
Seeing as the dictionary pages didn’t show through as much as I wanted I knew my background wasn’t yet finished. I decided to try the gelato with wet finger technique again. This time I used a circle stencil with black gelato. I also decided to add some flowers which I used a stencil for with some purple paint. I didn’t like it. You can sort of see this in the top left of the page, I covered it with teal paints I didn’t like it.
Satisfied with the background I moved onto the rest of the page.
The nickname I use is Angie. It’s a name with power for me. To me it says I survived. It was a way for me to take back power from my abusers.
I knew I wanted to use one of my big stamps. I went with this one because the other one has hands and I didn’t want hands on this page.
I stamped this image on some scrap art paper with a light purple archival ink stamp pad. To color my lady, I used both Neocolor ii and intense pencils. In both cases I used a wet brush and loaded the paint right from the pencil/crayon. ( this is my favorite way to use both the inktense and the Neocolor). I used purple on my lady for all but her face. Purple is a powerful color for me. It’s a color of bravery, of strength.
After cutting out my lady, I knew my page needed something else. I decided to go with flowers. Flowers mean lots of things to me. Peace, choosing life, contentment, nature. I stamped my flowers in a deep purple ink. I wanted my flowers to be 2 colors. I used my new silks acrylic glazes to color them. The silks glazes have a wonderful shine/sparkle to them from the mica chips in them. I love the effect. I also love how they are transparent. After coloring my flowers in blue (calm, peace) and purple, I cut them out. I decided I didn’t want to alternate the flowers around the edge. I didn’t quite know how to arrange them. I decided to add my nickname then go from there. I used a dark purple Pitt brush pen to write my name. I outlined it with my white pen.
I then decided to put the blue flowers on either side of the name then fill in with the purple flowers. I had 2 leftover and decided they made perfect eyes for my lady.
After gluing everything down, I noticed the background was really bright and stood out too much. Borrowing from a YouTube video, I used a stencil and some white paint with a makeup sponge to add the dots.
I love this page and the contrast with the first page. It perfectly represents how I feel with this name versus my given name.



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  1. I’m late on this…. I appreciate how you explain your technique and the steps to the final project. I’ve never heard of half of the art supplies you use except for the white uni ball. I’m going to have to get one. I’m still trying to use the stupid, forever clogged up gelli roll white pen. I’m so getting a new white pen.

    • One of my favorite things to do when I need to unwind and just be is to watch art journal videos on YouTube. I get lots of new supply ideas there. I can’t believe I waited so long to try the uniball pen. I got mine from Amazon I think. I think it was a three pack. BEST. PEN. EVER.

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