Journal 52- song lyrics


The prompt for the week was David Bowie or favorite lyrics.


I actually started this page with some very bright orange and red paint. I did this before I had any idea what my song lyric would be. I later went back and decided to paint over it with black paint. I really love the effect of this. You can sort of see the paint underneath but not really. The effect looks really nice as a dark night sky.


I looked at lyrics for days before I chose this one. Music means a lot to me. It’s so hard to choose just one favorite song. I more have favorite artists. But those change as well. It all depends on my mood.

After I decided on these lyrics I printed them in a font I liked. Then I cut them out. I inked the edges with black ink.


Tuning my attention to the Angel, I used a stamp to stamp her in black ink. I used a combination of silks acrylic glazes, inktense pencils, and Neocolor ii to color my angel. ( I am terrible at shadowing so I don’t even try. Need to learn though).


Before attaching anything I added some splatters of white paint. After gluing it all down, I ised my white uniball to add the band and song title.


I really love this page.




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