Jam- describe yourself in words


I am loving this group. I love creating in the round. The lack of corners really makes a huge difference in a page. To go with the prompt this group has a challenge. The challenge to go with this prompt, describe yourself in words, was use a brayer.


I had fun with this page. I love the colors. I stated with a blue, a yellow, and a pink acrylic paint. I smeared them on the page with a playdoh rolling pin of my son’s. I don’t own a brayer. I decided to use the same colors with a small dot stencil to add a bit of texture to the background. Feeling the background was incomplete, I used a stencil with some blue ink. Then I used purple ink with a stamp to stamp the squiggles on. This is the sole thing about this page I don’t like. I should have stuck,with the color theme, used a similar ink color for the squiggles. As they are they stand out too much.

I couldn’t think of any positive words about myself so I asked hubby. He gave me the words I used. At first I was unsure how to put them on the page. The idea came to me to do them crossword style. I used card stock I had in colors that were similar to the background. I used the same purple ink that I used on the squiggles. I cut the letters all out. Then I arranged them how I wanted to.

I decided there was something missing. I used the purple ink with a bird stamp. Then I used silks acrylic glaze to color the birds. I love the effect this gives in person. It’s sparkly.


As a final touch I used modeling paste with a stencil to give a bit of texture.




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