JAM- name


During the time I thought that journal 52 wasn't doing back for 2016, I went searching for other art journal groups and prompts. That is when I found Embrace your art with Tiara Smith. It didn't take me long to decide to join in her JAM 2016.


Creating in the round is new for me. I admit my nervousness with this prompt. I was concerned I wouldn't have enough space. This first prompt is my name. Each week in addition to a prompt there is a challenge. This first week, the challenge is to use a baby wipe.


I found an paper pad with colored sheets of different thickness. I decided to use the paper up for this year long challenge. I started by using a compass to draw the largest circle I could fit on the paper. After cutting it out my first action was to gesso the page. I used a baby wipe to both apply the gesso and smear it around a bit. My plan was to gesso multiple times to give myself a white background to start on. Once I saw the effect of the red showing through somewhat with just the one coat, I decided to leave it be as a background.


Wanting a hint of color, I decided to try a technique I saw on a YouTube video. After dipping a finger in water, I smeared it over the top of my real gelato. Then I rubbed said finger through the stencil. The effect is very subtle on this particular background. I'll have to try this same technique on a completely white background. Not feeling done with my background, I used a crackle stencil with white acrylic paint. I love how this looks.

Satisfied with the background I moved onto the rest of the page, only problem was I felt stuck.

The issue is my name itself. It's not a name I use other than at work. I don't feel connected to my given name. In fact I honestly hate it. Some day I will change it but not until after my mom has passed.


If you have ever taken time to go back through this blog the. You know my childhood was difficult and abusive. This given name I associate with that abuse. With that life I left behind. When I saw my bird cage stencil, I had an idea.

I used black for the tree branch and the bird cages. Black to me is a color of Being stuck and caged. The images of the birds in cages is a perfect representation of how my given name leaves me feeling, caged. Backed in a corner.

To finish this page, I added said name with red. I used red to symbolize anger and hate. This is how I feel about my given name. I used a white univalve signo pen to outline the letters so they stood out a bit against the background.



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