Jam- favorite color


The JAM prompt for the week was my favorite color. The challenge was saran wrap. This has changed as the years have passed, or maybe as I have gotten older.  Currently my favorite color is purple.

I started this page by getting out all my purple paints.  I used my gears stencil with some dark purple paint.  I was concerned when I was done by how dark the purple was on the page.  I decided to  use some purple spray ink on the page to try to tone down the gears.  I scrunched up saran wrap and let it dry to cause the slight crackle effect.  Satisfied by how that looked I, added some diamonds to the page in a pale purple.  Then as a final background touch I used my dots stencil with some sand and lavender  colored paint.

I decided to add the word purple. I tried purple ink but this blended into the background too much, so I had to redo it with black ink.  Not liking how the purple just sat in the center of the page, I added a white flower ribbon to both the top and bottom of the word.  I used my stamps and silks acrylic glazes to color in the birds and flowers.  As a final touch I used a butterfly punch to punch out some  butterflies on purple paper and glued them to the bottom of the page.



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