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Jam- favorite drink


The Jam prompt for the week was Favorite drink. The challenge was to use bubble wrap.


I wasn’t sure where to start with this prompt. I’m not confident in my drawing ability so I had to come up with another idea. Like usual, I simply started to add layers, and go from there.  I started with my newest stencil. It’s a large Dylusions brick wall stencil. Can I say I love this stencil?  I went with a blue alcohol spray. I really love how the brick looks under all subsequent layers.   After gazing at my supplies for awhile, I decided to go with a brown for the following layer. I used a Tim Holtz brown distress paint but I didn’t like how that looked so I smeared it around with a baby wipe.  Then I added a bit of a brown alcohol spray.  Satisfied with that, I used a sand colored acrylic paint with some bubble wrap. I ended up stamping it all over the page, as I liked how it looked.

While I waited for inspiration I colored in some mushrooms that I stamped in archival ink onto paper. I colored them with my Silks acrylic glazes. I love those.  I cut them out and decided to glue them to the page.

I then turned my attention to the prompt. I knew I wanted to do tea. I thought about taking a photo of a tea kettle I have, but I didn’t like how it looked. It wasn’t right for the page.  I ended up finding an image online that I printed and cut out.  After I glued it to the page, I used some neocolor ii to help the cup blend into the background.  I am working this year to incorporate my love of written journaling into my art journal pages. This has been much more difficult than I thought it would be.  I decided to add some simple words about early tea memories I have. About why it is a calming drink for me.  Then liking how that looked I added the word Teavana to the top of the cup as it is my favorite place to get loose leaf tea.  Then as a final touch I added some of my favorite flavors of various teas around the cup.


I thought about removing the mushrooms but decided against it. I’m not sure why. I guess I like them where they are. Mushrooms have nothing to do with my favorite drink.




Combining blogs? 


I have 2 blogs. One cross stitch, one art.  Truth is that it’s tiring. It’s hard to keep up with both while working, having a kid, and 2 hobbies I try to find time for.  It would be easier to have it all together.  Easier to,just have one place to go to.  

Summer nights


I started this page an unknown time ago. It had some blue on it that I wanted to cover. I used pink acrylic with plastic wrap. I used a bit of yellow gelato as well.

I got a new stamp recently. It was in the dollar bin at Michaels. I also happened upon a huge clearance sale in the mixed media area of Michaels yesterday. One of the things I got was some packs of random things. Papers, lace, cut outs, fabric. I like them because it is just a random collection with a theme. I used one of the papers with an archival ink pad I got for 1.79 (also got a dark blue one) and my new jar stamp. Before I stamped the image I wanted to change the paper, it was white, but I felt that would be too bright. I used Neocolor ii with water to add some color to the paper.


The jar reminded me of summer nights when we would catch fireflies. What luck that I also found a stamp set that had fireflies yesterday also on clearance for 1.99. I wanted my fireflies to stand out a bit. I stamped them with my new dark blue ink pad. I used sunflower and pink azalea silks acrylic glazes to color my fireflies. I wish the sparkle showed I'm the photo.


I originally used pink acrylic paint for the tree stencil. But that didn't stand out enough. I found some copper acrylic paint that had a nice sparkle to it, I used that instead with my stencil and it looks much better. Stands out nicely.

After gluing down my jars, I used my white uniball to add some journaling to the tree. I like how,that looks so much I may go back tomorrow and add more.




The Jam prompt was hobbies. The challenge was use inktense.  I originally wanted to draw my hobbies on the page or find some photos of them to glue down.  However I work full time, have a 6 year old, and hobbies. I decided that would simply take too much time.


While I thought of something else, I as usual, did the background.  I started with some blue gelatos and clock stencils( I used this stencil because there never seems to be enough time for my hobbies) I wet my finger, then rubbed that on the gelato stick then over the stencil. I like the look of this.   I did the same thing with a diamond stencil but didn’t like how that overpowered the clock so I only did the one area.   I always dry then seal gelatos as they occasionally run when I apply media over top. I used my matte gel to seal the clock stencils. Then I used inktense in a blue for the background blue color. I added some spots of blue alcohol ink over top. I decided to add some texture with my favorite dot stencil and some modeling paste. While that dried, I stamped a face in blue archival ink, then colored the face in. I used the wrong inktense pencil though. Her face is way more orange than I wanted it to be.  I decided to leave it as art isn’t perfect.  After cutting out the face and gluing it down, I added my hobbies to the face.  As a final touch I used my white pen to add some writing around the edge.


J52- what do you say yes to in 2016


The second prompt,of the year for journal52 was what do,you say yes to in 2016. Although I had lots of ideas, I had no concrete plan for this. I started with some red gelato. For whatever reason I then used black paint to,add black diamonds with a stencil. Needless to say I hated that. So I painted over the entire thing with yellow,acrylic. The result was a very cool,yellow orange color. The diamonds are still there but much more muted. I decided to use my stencil to add a bit of white to the page to break up some of the bright color. I used what is becoming my favorite stencil, the tiny dots.

Turning my attention to the prompt, I started with the lady. I used a stamp with black ink on a price of drawing paper. I used my intense colored pencils along with my Neocolor ii to color her in. Then I cut her out and set her aside. She symbolizes me. She is dressed odd, as she is her own person.


The heart I cut out from paper then painted it with my red silks glaze. You can't see any of the sparkle on this page which is a shame. To finish the heart, I used my white uniball to write the word love. The heart is to symbolize love and acceptance.


I used black ink to,stamp the flowers on drawing paper. I used silks glazes in red and green to color the flowers. The background is inktense pencil. The flowers symbolize nature.


After playing around with placement I decided to make the word art with modeling paste. After it dried I colored it with silks acrylic glaze, silver. I finished this off by outlining it with marker.



I decided the page needed something to tie everything together. To accomplish this, I wrote I say yes in black marker, then outlined it with my white uniball.


As a finishing touch I splattered some white paint over the page.




The Jam prompt of the week is hometown.  The challenge was corrugate cardboard, which I used for my circle.  I started this page by spraying some green alcohol ink  all over the page.  I decided I like it mostly as is.

I couldn’t do a prompt on my hometown without showing some mountains. I used my mountain stencil with some green paint. I love how this looks. I decided to add some houses. I drew them on some paper, then used my pitt pen to outline and silks acrylic glazes to color in the houses.  After gluing them down, I decided to add some grass blades around the houses.

Satisfied with this I used blue metallic acrylic paint to paint the sky, then used a white signo pen to write my hometown.