The Jam prompt was hobbies. The challenge was use inktense.  I originally wanted to draw my hobbies on the page or find some photos of them to glue down.  However I work full time, have a 6 year old, and hobbies. I decided that would simply take too much time.


While I thought of something else, I as usual, did the background.  I started with some blue gelatos and clock stencils( I used this stencil because there never seems to be enough time for my hobbies) I wet my finger, then rubbed that on the gelato stick then over the stencil. I like the look of this.   I did the same thing with a diamond stencil but didn’t like how that overpowered the clock so I only did the one area.   I always dry then seal gelatos as they occasionally run when I apply media over top. I used my matte gel to seal the clock stencils. Then I used inktense in a blue for the background blue color. I added some spots of blue alcohol ink over top. I decided to add some texture with my favorite dot stencil and some modeling paste. While that dried, I stamped a face in blue archival ink, then colored the face in. I used the wrong inktense pencil though. Her face is way more orange than I wanted it to be.  I decided to leave it as art isn’t perfect.  After cutting out the face and gluing it down, I added my hobbies to the face.  As a final touch I used my white pen to add some writing around the edge.



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