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I enjoyed the page duplicate so much, I decided to do emulate as well. I didn’t do this in my j52 book though. I used a different art journal.  I used the same techniques as I did for duplicate, so I won’t write them again. The only difference was I used a heart and different colors.





J52 Song lyric


The prompt of the week was either mondegreen(lyrics heard wrong)  or lyrics. I decided to go with lyrics. I am currently in love with Disturbed’s version of Sound of Silence. I can’t hear this song enough.

I started this page by printing out the lyrics. For the page itself I used a combination of red and orange gelatos. Then I used a red neocolor ii with a stencil to make the ‘narrow streets of cobblestone’.  I used black to cover up some of the page.  I used a dark blue ink with a stamp then cut that out and glued it down.  I glued down the lyrics to the song. I finished the page with a white Sharpie.

Jam-3 compliments


JAM 3 compliments

The Jam prompt this week was share the top three compliments I have received from others.  The challenge was to use gelatos. I’m not sure this was a challenge for me. Gelatos are one of my favorite art journal supplies.

I started this page with 2 purple gelatos and a gray one. I blended them with a wet paintbrush.  I mixed some purple acrylic paint with modeling paste. Then I used that with one of my new clearance finds, a brass stencil.  I love the texture this adds.  I decided to add a little bit of visual interest with another new stencil (I hit the jackpot at hobby lobby and Tuesday Morning clearance sections) I used a babywipe through the stencil to rub off some of the paint.

Then I used pink acrylic paint to stencil a film strip in two places. I dug through my scraps from other pages to find the purple flowers. I decided to make pink flowers to add a small amount of color. After stamping the image, I used silks acrylic glazes to paint them then cut them out.

After gluing the flowers down, I added my compliments, using pink and purple pitt pens. This was the hard part of the page for me. I am not good at taking compliments as they are meant.  As  a final touch I wrote the word  Compliments in two spaces. Then I found a few vines in my scrap pile and glued them as a final touch.

J52- Duplicate


J52 Duplicate


The prompt this week was to either duplicate or emulate a favorite artist.  I knew right away I would use Nika In Wonderland . I love watching her create pages. I have used many of her techniques on my own pages. Never had I tried to duplicate a page of hers.  After flipping through her pages- I decided on dragonflies.   I love dragonflies. They fly around me often.

I did my best to duplicate this page. I started as she did by gluing tissue page to the page. I went over this with Gesso. Then I used a bunch of stencils with a variety of acrylic paints.  After I was satisfied with how it looked, I used a pencil to draw my dragonflies. I went over the pencil lines with a black pitt pen.  I then used the same colors paint I used for the stenciling to make the background .

It isn’t perfect by any means, but I simply love this page.



Jam-Favorite Season


JAM favorite season


The prompt for Jam this week was Favorite season. The challenge was to use rub ons.

I do have rub ons but they don’t relate to the prompt at all. I had no idea how I would make mostly dress and accessory rub ons fit into a page about Autumn.

I started with orange gel sticks.  After I blended them in with a baby wipe, I used a stencil with  inktense pencils to make some leaves on the background. Their is also a sunburst or two. I decided to use the border I had on the rub ons that was just lines. I only used parts of it all over the page.  I used red basics acrylic paint with a leaf stencil to make one of my favorite parts of autumn, blowing, falling leaves.  I stamped in black ink, a stencil of a tree. I decided to add some ground with a big pitt pen so my tree wasn’t just floating in air.

As a final touch I added some journaling around the outside edge. It reads, ‘What could be better than watching leaves turn beautiful colors then jumping in them. Don’t forget pumpkins and apple cider.’


Jam- Favorite place


Jam- favorite place.  Challenge- use ripped/torn paper.  I was so bothered by the attempted drawing that I couldn’t stop there. I had to do more so I didn’t obsess over how bad  the page was and how I should never create again.

I started with some ripped dictionary pages that I glued down. On top of that I sprayed some teal, gray, and pink alcohol inks.   I mixed a few colors of green together and used them through a stencil of a mountain scene. I decided to leave this page simple.  I added a bit of blue sky, then ripped some yellow paper to make a sun.

I did journal around the edge of the page.

“My favorite place is the mountains, the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Something about them speaks to me, their age, their strength, they are peaceful, protective. They are majestic.” In the center I wrote, ” Someday they will be my home”

This page was really simple. It only took a few minutes.  It was a nice page to make. It reminds me that not every page has to be complicated with tons of elements. It’s okay to go simple.


J52-Favorite animal


The Journal 52 prompt this week is favorite animal.

I’m sure later in the week you will see another version of this page. I share this only to prove to myself that I’m not scared.

I tried to draw a wolf today, my favorite animal.  It turned out terrible. It is so hard to draw realistic animals. *sigh*  The best part of this page is the moon. I like it.

After drawing the wolf and attempting to color it in, I wrote all over the page about how terrible it was then I remembered by rule that not all art has to be perfect (this is my block to creating so I never cover up art because then nothing is good enough) I went over all the writing with black paint to cover it up.  Then I added a moon with a circle. To give the moon some shading, I added modeling paste.