Jam-Favorite food


Jam this week was favorite food. My favorite food is ice cream. I love ice cream. I could eat it daily.  The challenge was use a straw to blow paint.

The challenge was a real challenge for me. I did 3 different backgrounds before I finally stopped, and decided to go with what I had.  I am still not crazy about it, but it is what it is.

I used a dylusion alcohol ink and a homemade alcohol ink for the background. I used a straw to blow the paint around the page.  I used modeling paste from Dick Blick to add some texture. I used a random stencil that had splotches.   The modeling paste has picked up some of the blue which I think looks okay.

On a piece of drawing paper, I used my inktense pencils to make my ice cream cone.  After cutting it out, I glued it down. Then as a final touch I added the word Ice cream at the top. Around the outside edge of the page is the phrase, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” repeated.  My nana always said that when we had ice cream.




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  1. When I’ve used a straw to blow around paint, I cut the straw shorter and used thin acrylic paint. I liked the effects but it wasn’t worth feeling like I could cause an aneurysm. Anytime I want to blow paint around, I use the blow dryer. The only thing that straw is good for, in my opinion, is as a tool for texture making.

    I love checking out your backgrounds.

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