I went back and put the art journal pages I have done so far this year where they go time line wise.  If you go back through 2016 so far in this blog, there are a few more Jam pages I did.  I have not yet gotten my J52 pages in.  I’ll let you know when that is complete.

While I ponder whether to combine both my cross stitch and this blog, here is the latest art journal page I did.  I actually did this one earlier today.

The Journal52 prompts for this week are Emerge- explore what may have lain dormant all winter that now may be coming forward with the spring. Bonus points for use of a cocoon.  The alternate prompt is Explore what might remain in underworld of your inner landscape.

Both of these prompts speak to me, though I decided to go with Emerge. At least for now. I would like to do the alternate prompt at a later date. I have written it down so I don’t forget it.

I started this page with Gesso. Instead of using a brush this time, I used an old credit card. It was  not only much easier to get a very thin layer, I also used less.  I got the tip from a facebook art journal group.

I started this page with a few colors of gelatos.  I applied them over the page, then activated them using a wet brush.  After that was dry, I used a baby wipe and a few stencils to remove some color to allow the stencil part I want to show through as white.  I love how this technique looks in a background.

I knew I wanted to use my brick wall stencil, so I mixed up red, and two colors of brown acrylic paint to get the brick color you see. I used a makeup sponge to apply the paint to a striped yellow piece of scrapbook paper. I didn’t want the mortar between the bricks to be white.  After cutting that out, I turned my attention to the rest of the page.

My original idea was to have a person emerging out from behind the page. I used black ink to stamp the head. Then colored her in with a combination of silks acrylic glazes and neocolor ii crayons.  I couldn’t find the right body to put her on though. I tried to draw my own but that was a disaster.  When I happened up the motorcycle image, I knew it was perfect. I cut off the head of the motorcycle and attached the head I made.  After playing around with placement, I decided to make the lady breaking through the brick wall. So I cut the wall apart somewhat. Then I glued down all the images. When the glue was dry, I used a white pen to write words on the wall. The words I used are things that I am working to free myself from. Things related to feelings, to things that keep my stuck after being abused as a child. I wanted the lady to be breaking through those things. To be emerging from them.  I also wrote a few things on other parts of the page. Then as a final touch I went around the brick wall with a brown large pitt pen in a poor attempt at shading.



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