Jam-What makes me happy


What makes you happy. That was the Jam prompt for the week. The challenge to go with the prompt was one I’ve done many times on my own. Use scrapbook paper.

I started this page with some green gelatos. I tried to use a baby wipe with a stencil, but it didn’t show up properly.   Still I like the effect. I wasn’t sure what to do with this prompt. I didn’t think much about this, I just turned my brain off and went with the flow.

I used some stencils with black ink to make a few flowers. I decided to color the flowers in with inktense. Can I just say I love my inktense pencils?  I still need to work on shading. I just have no idea mostly where to start or how to shade.  Does anyone have any website or book or anything to offer to help me with that?  Then I turned to my scrapbook paper. I decided to go with brown because it is dark. I figured it would show up well on the background and the flowers. I played around awhile before deciding to put the word over the flower. I like it a lot this way.  I decided this page needed a bird.  Mostly just because I like birds and haven’t used my bird stamps very much.  I colored my bird with yellow like a canary. He turned out really cute.  I decided to cut off his legs and just have him perched on top of the T.  I wanted the letters to stand out some, so I outlined them with my white pen.

I am working on adding journaling to my pages. As an avid journal writer, it has been surprisingly difficult for me to combine the two.  I’ve been doing better though. Writing around the edge of the round pages seems to be working well. It adds a border and it isn’t a lot of writing.

Written around the edge is  “There is nothing more calming and enjoyable than art time.  Especially with the addition of a little music.  I love nature as well. Walks, hikes, bike riding. Soothe my soul.”

After I wrote that I decided to add some texture to my page as well as show my love of music. I mixed some yellow acrylic paint with modeling paste, and used it through a stencil.

I’m quite happy with this page. If I can figure out a way to frame this I may hang it up.



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