J52-Favorite animal


The Journal 52 prompt this week is favorite animal.

I’m sure later in the week you will see another version of this page. I share this only to prove to myself that I’m not scared.

I tried to draw a wolf today, my favorite animal.  It turned out terrible. It is so hard to draw realistic animals. *sigh*  The best part of this page is the moon. I like it.

After drawing the wolf and attempting to color it in, I wrote all over the page about how terrible it was then I remembered by rule that not all art has to be perfect (this is my block to creating so I never cover up art because then nothing is good enough) I went over all the writing with black paint to cover it up.  Then I added a moon with a circle. To give the moon some shading, I added modeling paste.



3 responses »

  1. You are being too harsh on yourself! I love the wolf. The colours of his coat and his expression are great. Covering up using black turned out to be a happy accident as it’s perfect for showcasing your subject.

  2. I’ve read all the entries from here to current and marvel at your ability to layer art media. Your colors are on the money and your composition is beautiful.

    One of my favorite animals is the wolf because of its pack loyalty. I love the system they use. I love that each wolf counts and that they are all so happy when there are new pups. They are an amazing animal.

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