Jam- Favorite place


Jam- favorite place.  Challenge- use ripped/torn paper.  I was so bothered by the attempted drawing that I couldn’t stop there. I had to do more so I didn’t obsess over how bad  the page was and how I should never create again.

I started with some ripped dictionary pages that I glued down. On top of that I sprayed some teal, gray, and pink alcohol inks.   I mixed a few colors of green together and used them through a stencil of a mountain scene. I decided to leave this page simple.  I added a bit of blue sky, then ripped some yellow paper to make a sun.

I did journal around the edge of the page.

“My favorite place is the mountains, the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Something about them speaks to me, their age, their strength, they are peaceful, protective. They are majestic.” In the center I wrote, ” Someday they will be my home”

This page was really simple. It only took a few minutes.  It was a nice page to make. It reminds me that not every page has to be complicated with tons of elements. It’s okay to go simple.



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